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Liquid artemisia dracunculus flavor water soluble

Do you know the tarragon plant?

Tarragon plant, which its scientific name is Liquid artemisia dracunculus, is perennial herb of the chicory family. We are going to talk about where does the artemisia dracunculus water soluble come from?

The leaves of this plant are narrow and long and its color is almost light green.
Plant flowers are usually yellow, and they smell same as plant odor. The Latin name of plant is “Tarragon” that means dragon!
The reason for the naming is the extraordinary benefits of the plant in treating the sting from vermin, such as scorpions and snakes.

Tarragon products and its combination

Tarragon essential oil components include:

  • Stragol (40 to 70%)
  • Ocimene (15 to 20%),
  • Methylchaviaco
  • Alpha-Pine
  • Beta-Pinen
  • Lemonen
  • Tannin
artemisia dracunculus water soluble

The most important tarragon products are:

  • Liquid artemisia dracunculus water soluble flavor
  • Tarragon essential oil
  • Dried tarragon leaves
  • Tarragon leaf powder

Tarragon essential oil and Liquid artemisia dracunculus flavor water soluble benefits

The ancient Greeks were chewing Tarragon due to its anesthetic property in their mouth.
It was also used in the middle ages as an antidote for treatment of snake bite.
Among other Tarragon, Tarragon essential oil and Liquid artemisia dracunculus flavor water soluble benefits can be referred to as:

  • – Anti-rheumatism
  • – Appetizer
  • – Improve blood circulation
  • – Help food digesting
  • – Odor Eliminating
  • – Period adjustment
  • – Anti-intestinal worm
  • – Antioxidants
  • – Removal of hiccups
  • – Anti-flatulence
  • – Relaxing and sleepy
  • – Soothing toothache
artemisia dracunculus water soluble

Why Liquid artemisia dracunculus flavor water soluble?

Many food and medicinal industries tend to use unique benefits of pure tarragon in their products.
Tarragon essential oil cannot be used for some of these products due to its oily properties and non-solubility in water.
For this purpose, CHASHNA Company has created the Liquid artemisia dracunculus flavor water soluble, in addition to preserving the natural properties of the plant; it has also created Liquid artemisia dracunculus flavor water soluble.
Now with artemisia dracunculus water soluble, companies that can’t use tarragon essential oil in their products will be able to get the taste, smell and properties of tarragon.
It will be interesting for you if you know that we have done the same operation for damask rose essential oil.

Liquid artemisia dracunculus flavor for products with water base

Tarragon is widely used for taste and flavor production in many food companies because of its extraordinary taste and flavor, also pharmaceutical properties are considered by pharmaceutical companies.

  • Some of these products are such as:
  • Oral medications and skin oils
  • Fragrances and oral disinfectants
  • Canned foods, especially fish
  • A variety of condiments and sauces, especially mustard sauce
  • Soups semi-prepared dishes with mushroom base, meat, chicken
  • Animal and poultry feed

All essential oils and natural flavors produced such as dorema ammoniacum essential oil in Chashna have GC/MS analysis sheet.

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